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Andrew Hughes a panelist at the annual EiG Congress

ΑbZorba Games’ CEO, Andrew Hughes, will attend the annual EiG Congress in Barcelona and has been invited to be panelist debating “Player conversion strategies from social to real-money gaming”.

AbZorba Games’ οpinion matters!

Social Player Conversion Strategies is one of the most hotly debated issues for the iGaming industry right now with enormous rewards for those who succeed.

How does a social gamer see real money gaming? Indeed, can a social gamer evolve to become a real gamer? If so, how best to capture their attention and custom and keep it? These key issues will be voiced from all sides of the panel during the EiG Conference in Barcelona on the 17th of October (the 11th European iGaming Congress and Expo).

One thing is for sure; we face new challenges, different strategies but the same mission.

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