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One of the most important questions in astrophysics is whether the universe is expanding and at what rate. Now we don’t really have an answer for that. What we can tell you for certain, however, is that AbZorba Games is indeed expanding, and it does so at a crazy rate.

With our downloads doubled to 2 million within 9 months, our revenue increasing by 20% to 30% each month, and widely successful partnerships with big established players like Tango, it really looks like the sky is the limit.

This wild success is based, as the saying goes, in one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration ― and it’s our highly skilled developer team of “Abzorbistas” that takes care of both.

Our guys (and gals) are experts in cross platform social gaming development and are able to handle everything, from the initial UI prototyping stage to the creation of robust backend services handling millions of users. They know their IBOutlets from their NSNotifications and they can tame complex Java class hierachies without batting an eyelid.

Not stopping at the technical skills, we encourage Abzorba team members to get familiar with every facet of creating a successful social game, including the business aspects of tracking the app with analytics, engaging its users, and turning it into a viral hit.

We also offer stock options to every one of our team members, both as an additional motivation (not that they need any), and as a way for the team to share in on the company’s success.

If the above sound good to you, then read on, because it gets even better. In order for AbZorba to reach our next goals and move further into the future of social gaming, we’re looking to expand our team with 3 more developers.

Specifically, we’re looking for:

– One Android Game Developer and one iOS Game Developer. Each will be responsible for the design, analysis and implementation of multiplayer mobile games for his respective platform.

– One J2EE Web Developer. He will help with the further development of the company’s J2EE backend, the same one that enables million of users to enjoy our cross platform live multiplayer games.

All three will have the opportunity to work on games played by millions of users and share the expertise and experience of our existing team members. And, of course, they’ll be working for a company that is the worldwide leader in the social casino gaming space.

Interested? Passionate about game creation?

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