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AbZorba at the Social Gambling & Gaming Summit, November 21

Industry conferences, trade shows, and insider events are important for any fledging industry to understand itself, cross-pollinate and, well, have a good time. Even more so for social gambling, a sector under heavy development, with innovations coming left and right and a multi-billion market building up.

Luckily, there is no shortage of such events, with one of the most important ones, the annual Social Gambling & Gaming Summit, scheduled for November 21st in London.

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The full-day conference, still going strong in its fourth year, focuses on the intersection of casino-style social games, mobile gaming, virtual goods, and the bridge between mainstream social gambling and gaming.

The keynotes and discussion panels will be full of specialists, established developers and industry leaders, such as our own Andrew Hughes, who had the privilege to be invited to participate in not one but two panels.

The first one, “Gambling and Games: What is the Point of Regulation Anyway” is set to explore what regulation means today for the social gambling industry and how it should adapt going forward.

As for the second panel, it’s titled “The Big Debate: Will Real Money Gaming Save Social Games?“, and is all about monetization and marketing strategies for getting the most out of your company’s social games, complete with inside tips and advice from top mobile developers.

There are, of course, lots of other panels and keynotes, with topics ranging from the emergence of HTML5 as a platform to taking advantage of cross-promotion to build your user base.

The 4th annual Social Gambling & Gaming Summit, will take place on November 21st at etc Venues, London, and you can register here: (And even if you can’t afford a full pass to attend the conference sessions, you can still register for a Networking Pass and mingle with some of the industry’s best).

If you are attending the Social Gambling & Gaming Summit this November, we’ll be happy to meet you.

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