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AbZorba CEO interviewed for the Social Casino Intelligence (SCi) e-edition

Social Casino Intelligence (SCi), one of most important outlets catering to the social casino sector, interviewed our CEO and co-founder Andrew Hughes regarding AbZorba’s recent successes, our partnership with Tango and our future plans.

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Here are a few select excerpts from the interview:

Social Casino Intelligence (SCi): AbZorba has had a successful spell and has reached a few significant milestones lately, what do you put that success down to?

Andrew Hughes (AW): I think the underlying success of AbZorba has been an absolutely intense focus on building quality games, and in particular multiplayer quality games. I’ve found that gamers are becoming ever more acutely sensitive to quality and we’ve always had that as a mantra from day one. Speed of gameplay, robustness, and an environment that they particularly like has all helped to attract, engage, and most importantly, retain gamers.

Sci: How much of a signal was topping the iTunes chart in the US?

AW: It’s obviously every game studio’s desire to get to number one, particularly in their genre. We were number one in casino games for a partnership we had with Tango, and that’s been a very interesting addition to our B2B model. I think it’s very important to reach that, and we’ve seen from there gamers have come to us and, more importantly, gone to our other games and this is partly how we’ve achieved two million plus gamers.

We have a platform that encourages cross-promotion from one game to another within our Hub of Fun Casino, and we allow gamers to build their own avatars in a unique avatar builder so they get to dress up and be the character and the personality they want. That’s something we’re building up a much bigger library of right now. It’s totally unique, it’s not just an icon, you actually build a character.


SCi: You mention the partnership with Tango, how important has that been to help drive traffic to your games?

AW: It’s not been absolutely instrumental in driving two million, we’ve been around for a lot longer than that. The reason why Tango and AbZorba have partnered is that Tango look for best of breed games in their new model, and we look now to leverage our B2C success, our expertise in social and our titles themselves with a B2C marketing strategy. A branded distribution works very well.

Tango has a distribution of some 150 million install base, and we have content that they can use to leverage that install base and monetise them in a very clever way. People who install the app have 50, 60 or 100 friends which they will connect with around the app and communicate with using their free video calls. The way to monetise that is to invite your friends to play that game over that platform as well.


SCI: And what can we expect from AbZorba in the coming months?

AW: We have mini-games coming through into the games. The games themselves are evolving constantly, and this is what gamers expect of us. We very much like to evolve the games on a continual basis. We have scratch and match inside the games now, mini-games are very important these days. They’re a break from the tables, and that’s something gamers want to do. We will be working with Income Access on their new social gaming platform which is great fun, and really maps a lot of the crossover between real-money and social gamers. We think there is a correlation, so let’s all explore how that can work.

There are also some very interesting left-field, out of the box partnerships that we have coming up before Christmas. That’ll be a very interesting one, I think it’s probably a first. There is another partnership which we have that will be coming out from the US, but will be global. It will be a game changer for us, and I think you’ll understand why when you read about that. Watch this space, we are not just standing still in social games. There’s a lot going on that gives us new avenues of revenue, new avenues of access and new avenues of distribution.

I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun as this. If we look at the kind of activities we’re doing on a daily basis, it would fill most people’s year.

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