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AbZorba gamers get their presents ahead of Christmas

With millions of installations and dozens of rave reviews for our games, it would be easy for us to rest on our laurels. But if we opted for easy we wouldn’t be at the top of the social casino gaming industry in the first place.

Instead, we strive to offer you the best social casino gaming experience ― something that involves constantly working on new and updated features. A couple of such features we have recently launched across our gaming suite, and we’re proud to announce them:

Send and Receive in-game gifts (all games)

An important part of the social experience in gaming revolves around the exchange of gifts. It’s a perfect gesture to make new friends, oblige old friends or even flirt.

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Now our gamers can send chips to friends who in turn will be able to return the favour.

The new feature works across all our game offerings as of the latest versions.

“Strategies” betting assistance for Roulette Live

Need some help in devising the perfect roulette betting strategy? Let our “Strategies” in-game betting assistance feature guide you in placing your bets and teach you the ins and outs of roulette.


With several professional betting strategies at your disposal you’ll be as knowledgable as a pro croupier in no time. Or you can simply take advantage of the new “Win Chance” meter, to help you quickly identify winning placements.

Oh, and did we mention that the Strategies feature can even place your chips according to the chosen strategy automatically, so you can concentrate on more important things, like chatting with your friends or hitting on that other cute player?

Update to the latest versions of our games to take advantage of the new features.

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