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Meet the team: Nikos Kollias

Ever wondered about the people behind your favourite games? Our “Meet the team” series of interviews will give you a glimpse of the team hard at work at AbZorba. We kickstart this series with our resident Android ninja, Nikos Kollias:


Introduce yourself (name, job title, etc).

Hi everyone, my name is Kollias Nikolaos and I’m an Android developer at AbZorba Games.

What is your background in development? How did you get started with developing mobile games?

I started developing while still at school and later my interest exploded after taking some university courses and projects. I find developing a very creative endeavour because it gives you the ability to create software for so many different aspects of science. A few years ago I bought my first android phone, and at last what I was dreaming of had arrived! I could finally develop the applications I had in my mind for so long and old technology phones weren’t capable of!

What is your role in AbZorba and in its software development process in general?

I work on the Android version of AbZorba games, developing new features, solving issues and, as part of a great team, discussing new ideas, doing research and getting involved in many other aspects.

Off to a slow start in the late ’90s, the Greek startup scene seems to be catching up nicely. As someone seeing the new developments from the inside, what, in your opinion, made the younger generation reevaluate entrepreneurialism, startups, targeting the global market and so on?

I believe that what makes the younger generation believe in startups is that they discover that its very exciting to grow your ideas and being able to think big and globally. Also the feeling that people love your ideas and your work.

What made you, personally, decide to work for a startup such as AbZorba? What do you see as some unique advantages in working for a startup, versus a more conventional career choice?

First of all I love challenges and I find AbZorba’s projects so tempting and full of challenges. I like that I continuously learn new things and work on highly demanding software projects using many different kinds of technology.

How does it feel to be part of a team that has had international success with its products? Tell the readers some of the highlights of your experience working for AbZorba.

It sure is a great feeling and it gives you so much pleasure to work in the office with your colleagues and receive international success.

Do you keep up all the activity and buzz concerning the modern Greek tech scene? Which companies and/or efforts would you choose as more interesting or successful?

I sure do keep up. I like to see new and promising ideas coming up. ‘Intelen’ effort is the one that got my attention because it combines both hardware and software into a product that simplifies energy consumption monitoring, something that also helps the environment.

The last few years, there have been several promising EU and Greek state attempts to turbo charge the startup economy. Are there any changes you’d like to see (e.g regarding infrastructure, policy, education, etc) to further the cause of entrepreneurialism?

I would like to see more efforts from educational institutions so as to excite young people to develop their ideas and make them come true.

Where do you see the products you work for (and AbZorba in general) a couple of years from now? Any future plans you can reveal to the readers?

I would like to see our games leading the games market, new AbZorba games and tons of satisfied gamers. New look and features are in the pipeline, so stay tuned!

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

I don’t know what I will be doing, but I know I’d like to be a part of a great team like the one we have at AbZorba, achieving high expectations and goals and developing quality software. I hope to continue to learn new things, progress within the team, and move forward with my responsibilities, taking on more evolved issues and projects as time progresses.

Anything you’d like to add, closing remarks, etc?

I would like to thank all our supporters, our gamers and people that believe in us. Best wishes to our team and wishes to all for a great 2014.

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