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Meet the team: Christos Kritikos

Ever wondered about the people behind your favourite games? Our “Meet the team” series of interviews will give you a glimpse of the team hard at work at AbZorba. This week we present to you our server-side wizard Christos Kritikos:

1) Introduce yourself (name, job title, etc).

My name is Christos Kritikos and I am a senior software engineer at AbZorba Games. My interests apart from developing include photography and music.

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2) What is your background in development? How did you get started with developing mobile apps/games?

I first started software development at the Athens University of Economics and Business, while studying Informatics. My first mobile application was an Android app for delivering multiple choice exams to students, which was a university project. My second Android app was a game like Monopoly which I wrote with a fellow student called Paris.

3) What is your role in AbZorba and in its software development process?

I have worked in many areas both server and client side. I have created the server side of AbZorba Live Poker and AbZorba Hot2Slot and the Android client side. I have also worked in common features of all AbZorba titles, e.g mini games like Lucky Spin and Scratch. My main day to day role is to create new features for the games on the Android side.

4) Off to a slow start in the late ’90s, the Greek startup scene seems to be catching up nicely. As someone seeing the new developments from the inside, what, in your opinion, made the younger generation reevaluate entrepreneurialism, startups, targeting the global market and so on?

It’s important for the young generation to believe that it is possible to create their own successful business. It’s actually not that hard for software development companies because of the very low cost of equipment needed to start (only a computer which they already have).

5) What made you decide to work for a startup such as AbZorba? What do you see as some unique advantages in working for a startup, versus a more conventional career choice?

I was lucky enough to be part of this company from its conception. What better place to work than an innovative startup where fast growth, amazing working environment and flexible working hours is a standard.

6) How does it feel to be part of a team that has had international success with its products? Tell the readers some of the highlights of your experience working for AbZorba.

Well it’s pretty amazing to be part of a Greek company with massive international success and recognition. Every day in AbZorba is full of new challenges and successes. I couldn’t wish anything more. I love when each piece of the project comes together and everything comes alive! When we make a new release, the excitement is always very very high and we are also on alert for any fixes if needed.

7) Do you keep up all the activity and buzz concerning the modern Greek tech scene? Which companies and/or efforts would you choose as more interesting or successful?

Apart from us, of course, a successful Greek startup that I would personally pick is Bugsense. They started with a nice idea and they implemented it nicely. Well done to them.

8) The last few years, there have been several promising EU and Greek state attempts to turbo charge the startup economy. Are there any changes you’d like to see (e.g regarding infrastructure, policy, education, etc) to further the cause of entrepreneurialism?

Well, what I would like to see is a closer cooperation of Greek Universities with Greek companies in order to bring the students more easily to the market.

9) Where do you see the products you work for (and AbZorba in general) a couple of years from now? Any future plans you can reveal to the readers?

AbZorba is growing fast, I believe the games will expand their user base and I expect new amazing apps to come in the future.

10) Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

10 years is too much time to make accurate predictions. Let’s just see what the future holds…

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