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Meet the team: Romilos Fronimides

Ever wondered about the people behind your favourite games? Our “Meet the team” series of interviews gives you a glimpse of the team hard at work at AbZorba. This week we present to you our Graphic / UI Design artist extraordinaire Romilos Fronimides: Romilos

Introduce yourself (name, job title, etc).

My name is Romilos Andreas Fronimides and I’m a Senior Graphic/UI Designer at Abzorba Games. I was born in Athens but my family originates from Istanbul (Asia Minor) and the island of Euboea. I started drawing since I was 4-5 years old and never stopped making graphics ever since.

What is your background in development? How did you get started with developing mobile apps/games?

My first experience in designing for games was as a senior illustrator for Grey World Wide Advertising, working at their interactive educational CD-ROM series.

What is your role in AbZorba and in its software development process?

I’m responsible with creating all kinds of graphic assets for Abzorba’s needs, from simple banners to games graphics. As an avid player of Abzorba Games myself, I’m also giving feedback to the rest of the team ― including coming up with ideas for new features.

Off to a slow start in the late ’90s, the Greek startup scene seems to be catching up nicely. As someone seeing the new developments from the inside, what, in your opinion, made the younger generation reevaluate entrepreneurialism, startups, targeting the global market and so on?

I believe that Greek ingenuity and boldness was never lost; the Greeks always prove themselves, eventually. So, it wasn’t a surprise for me.

What made you decide to work for a startup such as AbZorba? What do you see as some unique advantages in working for a startup, versus a more conventional career choice?

My three dream careers as a child were 1) to be a sketch-designer for a big name Publishing House (aka Marvel Comics), 2) to be part of a film design team (e.g “Lord of The Rings”), 3) to be a designer for computer/electronic games. So, Abzorba Games fulfilled one of those three dreams of mine. As for the choice to join a start-up firm instead of a large corporation (a conventional career choice), well, I’ve worked on those already. I’ve worked for major αdvertising networks, such as Spot Thomson, Grey World Wide, etc. It just wasn’t what I wanted to do, that is game graphics, not shampoo ads!

How does it feel to be part of a team that has had international success with its products? Tell the readers some of the highlights of your experience working for AbZorba.

I feel bloody marvelous! I always had ambition, I always wanted to be “international”, as opposed to just being a good Greek designer. As an artist, I’m quite conceited & vainglorious. All artists are, I assure you. So, knowing that my work is getting recognized globally, is like a candy bar for a young child. Working in Abzorba Games makes me really happy. I love my teammates, we have a lot of fun while we’re working hard every day – after all we’re doing game development, it cannot not be fun!

Do you keep up all the activity and buzz concerning the modern Greek tech scene? Which companies and/or efforts would you choose as more interesting or successful?

I’m not really following the Greek tech scene; I do follow the global scene, as I’m quite a tech maniac and I’m always tail after tech news and company gossip. But I’m not doing it for the Greek tech scene, probably because I came to mobile game development from another field (advertising).

The last few years, there have been several promising EU and Greek state attempts to turbo charge the startup economy. Are there any changes you’d like to see (e.g regarding infrastructure, policy, education, etc) to further the cause of entrepreneurialism?

Changes to see? Yeah, everywhere. I want to see big changes in education, culture, and government policies. But it’s not really about what I or the rest of the people want, it’s about what the “big bosses” want. I believe they will eventually understand that big changes have to be made; it’s for their benefit too! Happy employees help make their companies successful.

Where do you see the products you work for (and AbZorba in general) a couple of years from now? Any future plans you can reveal to the readers?

I believe we’ll be very prominent in the mobile gaming industry. As for me, personally, I would love to create graphics for different game genres. I wouldn’t mind doing the graphics for a fantasy RPG game, a pool game, or something like that.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Simple. I picture myself in a nicely decorated modern office, in an Abzorba Games highrise building with large windows, brainstorming for our next project while watching tens of fellow Abzorba employees running/working like worker-bees through my window blinds.

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