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Roulette Live Casino by Abzorba Games

As you know, we love to bring you lots of great apps to enjoy that will give you the chance either to play roulette on the go or to learn more about strategy and how to win, and this week we have all of the gossip on the free online roulette app developed by AbZorba Games. The app, entitled Roulette Live Casino, offers you the chance to play roulette with the authentic Vegas feel, from the same design studio who also created Blackjack21, Live Poker, and Hot2Slot apps which have seen more than one million downloads.

One of the main elements which really sets this app apart from their rivals on the market is the fact that you can set up and personalise your own avatar which will sit at the table in your stead. Why do you need an avatar to represent you, you ask? Well, because this is quite a social app, which will show you the other players who are sitting around the same roulette table as you and who are enjoying the games just the same as you are. Not only that, but they have really taken the innovation to the next level with the addition of their Cocktail Bar feature: through the interaction with this part of the app, you can buy a cocktail for the player who is sitting next to you, add some casino bling to your avatar, or just sit around watching the games and feeling cool. You can enter public chat to discuss the games, or you can even go for a private one to one discussion if you have something a bit more serious to talk about. You can also send gifts to the people that you meet in the game and add them to your friends list, as well as finding your real life friends there to greet you.

The social features of this app are really what makes it shine, but the fact that it is also free is fantastic and it also means that you are getting a lot of value from the app. However, all of that customisation does come at some price, as it will take up 51.4 MB of space – and with frequent updates and bug fixes being put through, it may well end up taking even more room with that by the time that you are done. It requires iOS 5.1 or later but is compatible with all mobile and tablet devices which can be updated to this level, and it is rated 12+ for those who want to be sure of their age compatibility. If you are mindful of trigger warnings, then you should know that this game also includes infrequent or mild references to alcohol, tobacco, and drug use on top of the gambling which is of course the main element, through the gifts which you can enjoy as part of the social atmosphere. In app purchases are also possible to get more chips into your account.

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