About us

AbZorba Games was born in Athens, Greece in the heat of summer 2011 by a talented international team determined to create the best mobile multiplayer casino titles. Our name, AbZorba, was chosen to reflect both our Greek origin and our gaming intent.

Starting with our first release, Blackjack Live, we continue to build seriously entertaining, authentic, lively casino games that millions of users enjoy worldwide.

We believe in social games that are not just about linking to Facebook and Twitter, but about providing an engaging and authentic gaming environment, where people from all over the world can challenge each other, mingle, share experiences and have fun.

Our huge and fun user community is our secret social sauce. That’s why each new day on our suite of games is as fresh and exciting as the folks sittings at the tables.

Download our Hub of Fun casino games, which include Blackjack Live, Poker Live, Roulette Live and Hot2Slot® and join in the fun.

See you at the tables!

The Management

Andrew Hughes

CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew has never enjoyed a start-up as much as AbZorba and believes the product, management and team all combine to create a truly remarkable company.

His drive to develop the social games industry is also key to growing AbZorba and is a proud co-founder and board member of the International Social Gaming Association.

Previously, Andrew has co-created multiple mobile tech start-ups in UK, co-founded the Mobile Marketing Association and lead million dollar global deals in the mobile telco sector. As a recent father though he believes his biggest challenges are yet to come.

Manos Moschous

CTO & Co-Founder

Manos is the creator of AbZorba’s flagship casino title ‘Live BlackJack 21′ on Android which attained Top 10 US App Store ranking in ‘Cards & Casino Games’ category. That success gave Manos the perspective to design and build the team delivering the full suite of multiplayer social casino titles and the ‘Hub of Fun’ mobile casino.

As CTO, Manos also leads the development of AbZorba’s gaming platform Agon which enables the company to deploy a dynamic creation and distribution strategy for both B2C and B2B.

Previously, Manos was the Co-Founder and CTO of a successful Greek start-up MVNS which was a pioneer in creating Mobile Social Games targeting Carriers in Europe.


Our Games

Live Blackjack21

Blackjack Live Casino is the #1 downloaded multiplayer Blackjack on Google Play!

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Live Roulette

Roulette Live captures the sprint of a truly awesome week-end in Vegas

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Live Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha in same app - the Poker Player Poker is here!

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You asked for a sizzlin’ slots so here it is!

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You asked for a sizzlin’ slots so here it is!

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Blackjack Free®

You asked for a sizzlin’ slots so here it is!

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